To ensure that the event is a positive experience for everyone involved, we would like to make sure that all participants and their families have a clear understanding of our expectations/ground rules:

  • The single most important reason we are staging this benefit performance is to sell tickets so the proceeds will benefit our charity of choice.  Each dancer needs to take responsibility and do all that he or she can to encourage family, friends, and neighbors to attend the show.
  • Understand that this is a cooperative effort among dance studios – it is NOT a competition.  Please equally applaud all performances and support your fellow dancers. Further, if you are watching the show, please follow the rules of performance etiquette.  DO NOT call to the stage from the audience (this is not the time for you go girl or work it or go Sally Sue).  Remain in your seats while performers are on stage – DO NOT exit or enter between numbers.  Please wait for intermission.
  • Parents, understand our rehearsal is closed and you will NOT be permitted backstage or in the auditorium.  Your dancer will be allowed to leave for a dinner hour under the supervision of your studio director.  Be prepared to drop your dancer at the stage door and return for your dancer at the end of the show. There are adults from each studio back stage to handle any problems.
  • Theater rules requires that NO OUTSIDE FOOD is permitted in the theater – even backstage. That said; please make sure your dancer has had a good meal before dropping them off for the day.
  • Dancers, understand that it is a privilege to be able to perform on this stage.  Be sure that you leave the theater – especially your dressing area – as clean as you found it.
  • Each dancer will receive a t-shirt and 2 show tickets for participating in DancIn’spiration 2022.  Please let your studio director know if you need additional tickets.





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