In 2002, Artistic Directors Kevin and Meri Bender were inspired to look for a new way to support our community through dance, and that is how DancIn’spiration came to be. Each year DancIn’spiration contacts elite youth dance companies throughout Arizona to stage this benefit show. Each participating dance company brings numbers of varying genres, which together are woven into an entertaining production of diverse dance disciplines. The studios and dancers get to perform in a professional venue for a good cause, and 100% of the proceeds are donated to a youth-based charitable organization.

Every few years, DancIn’spiration carefully reviews and interviews potential beneficiary organizations. One of the original beneficiaries was the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Another prominent recipient was the Caitlin Robb Foundation, which provides funds for children’s cancer care and research. The current beneficiary is MORIAH, a local youth-based charity. Last year’s donation to them was $12,000.

In identifying potential beneficiaries, DancIn’spiration focuses on finding local, youth-based, non-profit charitable organizations that are willing to work in coordination with other likeminded organizations, and for whom the donation will have a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of children.

DancIn’spiration is proud to have celebrated 22 years of benefit concerts in service of the community and planning is already well underway for the 23rd annual performance in early 2024.

Total amount donated to children’s charities is over $250,000 since its inception.


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